The Narcissistic States of Narcissism


My country tis of Me, sweet land of Me, Me, Me…

Of Me I sing.

How could we be living any other reality than the complete dysfunction we are presently experiencing? The I-Me-Mine King and his Kingdom of Me-Me-Me!  We have come to the end of the line of false flags and empty promises. Every penny this government takes in from income tax revenues goes to pay the interest on our debt alone…just the interest…and it’s not enough!

Our government is a stone cold junkie! And too many of us are too self-absorbed to seize our constitutionally ordained authority to hold them accountable and force them into budgetary compliance. Take any speech this I-Me-Mine President has made on ANY subject and notice two things. First count the I-Me-Mines as he lies about how good things are going. Second, watch the I-Me-Mines magically transform into They’s-Them’s-Theirs when he gets to…

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